New Thing #195: Odwalla Food Bar

Odwalla_StandLast week I needed to grab a lunch on the way to work. I stopped by the supermarket and picked up a pre-packaged sandwich but decided I needed something else.

I wasn't feeling like potato chips - I wanted something a little more a granola bar.

But I didn't want to buy a big box of them.

And then I came across the Odwalla food bar stand.

As you can see in the picture, the bars were two for $3. So I got two. I probably should have tried two different ones, but I got two of the same.

And actually, I meant to get the 'super protein' one. Because, you know, I recognize the importance of protein and all.

But I got the 'superfood' one - it says original on it. I think that might have been what swayed me - I figured if I'm trying something new I should start with the 'original.'

Odwalla_BarIt has 500mg of spirulina! (I don't know what that means!)

Green!But then, when I opened was. green. Green!

(I apologize for the blurry picture, but I took multiple pictures and they all had trouble focusing. It seems even my camera had trouble accepting the color.)

My stomach turned instantly. I just wasn't expecting green snack food.

But, being 2013 (New Thing!) I pushed through it. I took a teeny bite. It wasn't bad. It kind of tasted like other types of nutrition bars I've had. So I nibbled my way through it and finished it. I just didn't look at it.

I had the second one the next day. They were good. And they held me over pretty well, which was the whole point.

There's certainly a wide selection of the Odwalla food bars, as you can see in that top picture - I wonder if they're all green. Just in case, next time I might go for one of the chocolate ones.

The chances are slim I'll nibble anything with chocolate.