New Thing #198: Broccoli Fritters

Fritter_OilI think it's the smell of the oil that gets me salivating. I'm like Pavlov's Dog with the oil in the pan - once I get a whiff of that smell, I don't think it matters what's being cooked in the oil, I'm already conditioned to like it.

That was the case last week when my wife cooked up some broccoli fritters.

That's the early stages of the cooking process pictured above. (Also shown, but not featured, is our new frying pan. As part of our kitchen work recently we bought a few new pans. New Things! There is nothing quite like a new non-stick pan.)

The cool thing about this fritter recipe is that it came from our farm share - they linked to it in their weekly e-mail newsletter, which came in tandem with the broccoli that came in last week's box of veggies. Here it is if you're interested.


The recipe yields 9. As you can see, my wife made 10. She's so great.

I liked my fritters with a bit of salt, but they were tasty even without it.

The kids liked them too, which is always a bonus. And, despite my belief that my wife made these so I could experience another New Thing, she says getting the kids to eat the broccoli was her inspiration for doing this.