New Thing #199: White Nike Dri-Fit Shirt

White_ShirtI have this exercise shirt that I love. I bought it last year - I had a gift card that I spent on some sporting equipment, including a running shirt and some shorts.

It's a yellow Nike Dri-Fit shirt, and I got it at Dick's Sporting Goods.

This year, I had another couple of gift cards to Dick's that I was given for my birthday, and I bought some workout equipment. (More on that another time.)

I saw the shirts and had enough money left over after my purchases to get one.

As you can see, I went with the white.

Here's something you may not know about me: I have slight sensitivity issues. They've abated over the years, but they're still there a little bit. (For example: As a kid I hated turtlenecks. I still don't seek out a turtleneck if I have a choice, but I can now wear one without feeling terribly uncomfortable. Also, when I was a kid I hated the way certain tags felt on my neck, and this is still true. Similarly, if a shirt has too sticky of a logo on the front or the back - that bothers me too.)

But that's the best thing about these shirts - they are among the most comfortable shirts I've ever worn. I don't feel them around my neck, which appears to be my highest-sensitivity area. (Interestingly, the white shirt feels tighter around my waist than the yellow one. Not a big deal, just interesting. I only notice it when I wipe the sweat from my face with that part of the shirt while I run.) The tags on this shirt are not on the neck.

I don't know that I've ever had a wicking shirt. But I think these are wicking - they're a light material. I also don't know how they work - the tag says they keep you cool even in the heat. These do that, but they certainly absorb the sweat - they get sopping wet during my runs.

I saw the display of these shirts on my way into Dick's earlier this week - they were $22, which I thought was a pretty good price for these shirts. I made a mental note to come back if I had gift card money left over. When I did, there was only one problem.

I've written before about my inability to make decisions. There were so many colors to choose from. All shades of orange, green, black, white, blue, red, and gray. I narrowed it down to a royal blue (my size wasn't there in light blue) and white, and texted my wife. Her advice was exactly what I was thinking - if I wanted the better color I should get blue, and if I wanted it to be cooler I should go white.

I'm sure the 90-degree temperatures outside affected my decision, but I couldn't get the idea of a 'cooler' shirt out of my head. That's why I went white.

I'm getting to the point where I have a pretty good rotation of comfortable running shirts, which is good for me. I'm not below stopping a run because my shirt is giving me discomfort.

The way I see it, $22 is a small price to pay for a shirt that I love...and one less excuse not to exercise.