New Thing #207: Sweet Spot Frozen Yogurt

Sweet_SpotI didn't think we'd be trying any more frozen yogurt places as part of '365 New Things In 2013.' After the last one I came to the conclusion that these places aren't all that different.

But we were out earlier this week and we decided to treat the girls to a dessert, and my wife convinced me to try Sweet Spot Frozen Yogurt.

And there's enough about this place to set it apart.

First of all, it's the most convenient of all the new places we've been to this year. It's located on Route 9 East at the Edgell Road exit, which is about two and a half miles from our house. So that's a bonus.

The frozen yogurt itself is not any better than the frozen yogurt at the other places...but it certainly isn't any worse. And there's the usual assortment of toppings - that's become pretty static from place to place too. So the product itself doesn't really set it apart.

The price does - this place was not as expensive as the others. (And for what it's worth they gave us a card where you get a free frozen yogurt for every 10 you buy. Since we did 4 in one shot, we're already almost halfway there!)

It's also across the street from Framingham State University, so they seem to want to be kind of a hangout -  there was a shelf with board games, there was a lot of seating, and there was a TV. (It was tuned to one of those A&E shows when we were there, though - something like 'Storage Wars' maybe. But this was when there was a Red Sox game on. So that seemed like a poor decision.)

My biggest gripe with the place is that the floors were terribly dirty. I chalked it up to the fact that it's still a pretty new place and maybe there is further construction or flooring to be done...but it was pretty gross. It was also a rainy day, now that I think about it. I'll have to check the floors the next time I'm there.

Speaking of the next time I'm there...the chances of a return visit are high. A few weeks ago I had a late-night urge for some dessert. I drove around and settled on an ice cream place where I hadn't been in years. I think I would have been happier had I gone here.

It's so close...making it pretty convenient for frozen yogurt at the drop of a hat.