New Thing #208: Cyto

CytoAfter a long hiatus, I tried out another Starbucks 'Pick of the Week' last week. And I'll be honest - I'm not sure how many more of these games I'm going to try out.

There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of originality here.

The latest - a game called 'Cyto' - is not all that different from 'Fibble', the first game I wrote about thanks to Starbucks back in January.

But you have to hand it to their marketing team, because they effectively made me think I was going to be playing an entirely different game from what 'Cyto' actually is.

See where it says "Test your memory...memorably"?

I thought I was going to get a brain teaser/memory game. I don't know what such a game would entail (maybe something along the lines of being shown images and then tested on the images later on), but I was looking forward to something that would challenge my brain and make me think a bit.

But it turns out - at least as far as I got with it - this character 'Cyto' has lost his memory and your job is to help him get it back.

You do this by trying to enter portals, in the same slingshot mode that 'Fibble' used that was a play on what 'Angry Birds' did in the first place.

It makes me think there's a limit on what new game modes can be done on the iPhone - it seems like you start with the slingshot thing and see what happens from there. (I don't play it all that much anymore, but at least 'Circadia' is still unique in its style of game.) And I think the 'from there' is the most unique part of these games - it's all about what story is trying to be told rather than the activity in which the user engages.

Which is fine. In the long run I don't need any more distractions on my phone. And if I learned nothing else with my recent foray into getting rid of apps to keep me from overloading my phone's memory, it's that trying New Things (like these apps) doesn't mean I need to keep them forever.

I've already deleted 'Cyto.'