New Thing #211: Handkerchief Shoals Inn

Handkerchief_ShoalsOn our second - and final - visit to Cape Cod of the summer, we stayed in Harwich. Which is right next to Chatham.

And not far from Dennis.

The Cape is interesting like that - you drive for a few minutes and you cross through a bunch of towns.

We were there for a wedding, so the bride suggested a few places people might want to stay.

We picked the Handkerchief Shoals Inn - and I would recommend it if you're ever looking for a place in the area.

There was a lot about the place I liked.

First and foremost, while the inn had a small pool, it was just a half-mile from the beach. My wife and I didn't have the time to do the full-on beach thing, but we did go for a nice walk down to the beach and back. On our way we passed families who live between the inn and the beach who were heading down to the beach - they had all of these cool contraptions to transport their beach stuff from the house to the beach without having to bring a car. I didn't go for a run at all, but I did clock the mileage on a loop that took you down by the beach and back that was a little more than two miles. So in other words, if you're looking for some beach time, this place is conveniently located.

The room was reasonably priced. (It occurs to me now that perhaps we got a wedding block type of discount, but still - it was a good price.) There was also a continental breakfast offered each morning between 8 and 10am. The owners live above the office, so they were always on hand if there was a problem. (More than once this weekend I thought how nice that life might be. Or not. Because if I was on call for problems at all hours there would be two problems: 1) Me being woken up in the middle of the night to handle problems, and 2) Me not knowing how to solve said problems.)

The handkerchief shoals from whence the inn got its name are apparently steeped in maritime history, but my wife made the joke of the weekend when she pointed out how small the bath towels were and said perhaps that's how the inn got its name. (The water pressure was pretty weak too. But that's about the extent of our complaints.)

I joked to the bride that I will always celebrate her anniversary as the last time I got some rest. We had a really restful weekend without the kids...and as such we'll always fondly remember our weekend at the Handkerchief Shoals Inn.