New Thing #212: Photo Booth

Photo_BoothI think I told you that the reason we hit the Cape this past weekend was for a friend's wedding. If not...well, the reason we were on the Cape this weekend was for a friend's wedding.

What I most certainly haven't told you is that at the wedding reception there was a PHOTO BOOTH!

I didn't quite know what to make of this feature until I decided that it is the best idea in the world.

So here's the deal (if you've never been to an event where there is a photo booth...which I hadn't before Saturday):

The booth gets set up, you choose black and white or color, you get your four pictures just like at a mall or an arcade or something, then two copies print out. You keep one copy - that's your wedding favor - and the other goes into a scrapbook for the happy couple.

There is nothing not to love about this. (Except for the fact that there's a screen to watch when you're posing for the picture and the screen turns off about a second before the camera flashes. So if you're like me, you think the picture was taken when the screen goes black, but then a second later - FLASH - the picture is taken when you start moving. This, despite the lady telling you to, "Watch the camera." And your wife next to you telling you the same. But you finally get it by the fourth picture. The other three weren't terrible.)

I love how they have a staff member at the photo booth telling you what's going on for the pictures.

I love how they have a staff member at the scrapbook telling you exactly what you need to do when she puts the pictures into the book.

I love that scrapbook - it wasn't my wedding but I kind of want a copy of that book.

I love how clever I was with my entry into the scrapbook. (Once I got a sense of how the photo booth was working I formulated a quick little plan for our four picture poses and essentially our message in the scrapbook was a greeting card. It turned out great.)

My wedding ship has sailed. (The flash went off on my photo booth 9 years ago, so to speak.)

But you - if it's not too late - get a photo booth at your wedding.

And if you're at a wedding with a photo booth, and you need an idea for how to pose - give me a call.

I've got some more ideas up my sleeve.