New Thing #16: Farro

I suppose I see a difference between white rice and brown rice. And I understand different preparations of rice, like mixing in peas or something like that.

But I'm not sure I see the need for different kinds of grains.

As far as I'm concerned, you've had one kind of grain, you've had them all.


Last week my wife made farro with dinner.

It was OK.

It was a new food, so I'm glad we tried it.

But I looked it up further - though it can be eaten by itself it's usually used as an ingredient in salads and soups, which makes sense. I think I've seen it before...and I've probably eaten it somewhere else before in some form.

But that's the thing with grains - who knows? They're so similar.

I'm pretty open to trying anything new the rest of 2013...except, I think, more grains.