New Thing #15: Back To The Office (For My Wife)

For the past four years, I think, my wife has worked from home. We've been lucky that she's had steady work since she's stopped working full-time...but also because there are certain conveniences that come for a family of five when one of the parents is working from home.

But now she's back to work - three days a week in an office, anyway.

And I think we're all prepared for those to be three pretty hectic days a week.

Monday was our first run-through. It went OK.

For me, it was a Monday that wasn't as busy as most. So the jury is still out...Mondays are usually my busiest day and we'll see how the end of the day feels when I'm tired and dinner has to be made and the kids have to get to bed and we have to start all over on Tuesday.

(I realize that this new quandary for us is a five-day-a-week issue for some people. More power to them. I'm simply pointing out it's new to us.)

In an ideal world, I'll be able to leave work early enough on Mondays that I'll have dinner waiting for everyone else when they get home. That's the goal...we'll see if it happens.

The good news? Next Monday's a holiday.

So we won't have to worry about it for two more weeks.