New Thing #214: Peach Ice Cream

Peach_Ice_CreamWhen I was a kid, I loved strawberry ice cream. It wasn't chocolate, it wasn't vanilla - but it was often a third choice available.

And I guess I figured it would be good to try something other than the two main flavors.

Similarly, when I would buy iced tea, I'd usually wouldn't go directly to lemon-flavored.

Often, my choice was peach.

I love peach flavorings...but now that I'm writing about it, I don't know if I can think of instances where I've tried something peach-flavored other than iced tea.

But last weekend, I had some peach ice cream.

I feel like I MUST have had some peach ice cream at some point in my life....but after tasting it last week, I don't think I have.

I ordered the peach ice cream, but I was afraid the peach was going to taste too strong. So what I did was I ordered it with chocolate sprinkles (or "jimmies", as they - but not I - say in these parts) to dilute some of that taste. Then I started eating the cone before my wife suggested I could write about the peach ice cream as a New Thing. That's why there are no chocolate sprinkles on the bottom part of the ice cream. (I like to lick my way up the ice cream, so that it's not dripping down the cone. It looks weird in a picture like that, but it's very practical. And you don't notice how weird it looks while you're eating it.)

So, setting the scene a bit - this is another New Thing coming off of our Cape weekend - we went to the ice cream place 'Sundae School' in Harwich. They had a wide selection of flavors...and for what it's worth I'm pretty sure I saw a sign pointing to another Sundae School shop (shoppe?) nearby. You can not swing a stick on the Cape without hitting an ice cream shop.

Anyway, my strategy was effective. As I worked my way through the sprinkles I was telling my wife that the peach ice cream didn't taste any different from anything else. Then, once I got through the sprinkles and it was just ice cream I did taste the peach. It was really good.

Usually when I get ice cream these days I don't get too adventurous - my all-time favorite is chocolate fudge brownie, and if that's not available I'll go with chocolate chip or cookies 'n' cream...maybe Snickers if that's offered.

But now I'll have to start noticing whether or not peach is on the list of flavors...because I think I'm adding it to the rotation.