New Thing #215: Meeting My New Nephew

Baby_FeetMy wife and I, as you probably know, have three daughters, no sons. (And no plans on changing that ratio.) But don't you worry about us - what we lack in sons we more than make up for in nephews.

As of this past Monday, we now have three nephews and no nieces. (Still a possibility that ratio may change.)

It was earlier than we expected, but my sister had her second child - another boy, naturally - and on Friday we took a quick trip down to New York to meet him.

My family has been blessed with pretty healthy babies, and despite his early arrival, this little guy is no exception.

My sister wasn't due until mid-to-late August, and just like with her first son, she delivered about three weeks early.

The first delivery was crazy - three years ago we had just met our first nephew, born to my wife's brother and sister-in-law, when we got the call that my sister was going into labor. My parents were in town - it was the 4th of July - and when we came back from the hospital they went to New York. We followed soon after, and met the new baby in the hospital the next day.

This time we couldn't make it that soon, but we were able to squeeze in the overnight trip Thursday into Friday. It gave us a taste of the whirlwind trips my family took to meet our three girls.

Anyway, the older two nephews are both three, obviously - and they're at very fun ages right now. In another year or so I hope to institute an annual tradition where I take the boys (separately, considering they're 200 miles apart) for a summer day and we have crazy adventures. Or just calm adventures. But we would get to spend the day together.

Looks like I'll have to set aside a third day in future summers for the new baby in the family.