New Thing #216: Pate's Restaurant

Pate'sOne last recommendation for you from last weekend's Cape getaway. It's Pate's Restaurant in Chatham.

My wife and I were looking for dinner our first night on the Cape, and we figured we'd treat ourselves, since we were without children.

Our first choice was a seafood restaurant that, once we were inside, was deceptively small - so the wait was too long. (Truth be told, our first choice was a Cape Cod League baseball game...but it was a rainy night, so a nice restaurant it was.)

We left there and went to Pate's.

After a 5-to-10 minute wait, we were seated.

Pate's was the opposite of the seafood place - it is deceptively big - the dining area was huge.

Their website says they don't take reservations, but even on a busy Saturday night they say your wait won't be more than 10 minutes. (I believe it.)

Even though the sign outside bills Pate's as "Steak and Seafood", it felt more steak than seafood to me. So I did a wife did a salmon dish. Both were pretty good.

Now, while we were down there, we asked someone who spent significant time on the Cape about Pate's. First of all, we were pronouncing it wrong. We just assumed there was an accent on the e, and the a was short. Not so - apparently it's a long a, silent e. Which makes sense since I saw on the website it was just some guy's last name.

Secondly, though our source didn't name Pate's as one of his top choices for restaurants (top 3, at least), when we asked him about it he said he liked it. He did mention that it was an old crowd.

Sure enough, we realized, we were probably the youngest people in the place when we ate there.

It's not often my wife and I get out for a nice meal by ourselves. When we do, if we get the double of good time and good food, we're happy.

Pate's made us happy.