New Thing #243: My First Vine

I've heard people say that since Instagram came out with its video feature, Vine was going to become obsolete. (This happened, incidentally, immediately after I decided to download Vine and give it a shot.)

Seems to me Vine has hung in there OK...but even if it hasn't (I guess I don't quite have my finger on that pulse) I still think it has great potential.

I like the idea of telling a story through 6 seconds of looping video.

And I guess I was just waiting for that perfect storytelling opportunity for my first Vine.


I took a sideways videos of some turkeys walking outside my classroom window where you can barely see the turkeys.

There were three other opportunities I missed for a good Vine:

1) Remember when I saw that baby bunny? I recorded it scratching its ear (SO CUTE!) and sitting for about 3 or 4 more seconds. That was the first time I tried to save a Vine and I accidentally deleted it.

2) When I saw Matt Harvey pitch in July at Citi Field, my wife and I were seated right behind the bullpen. I was going to record him warming up - it was going to be awesome. I tested out how to do the Vine and everything. Then it started raining and we went to our seats - far away from the bullpens - to sit out the rain delay. No other Vine opportunity presented itself that night.

3) When I was at the Rays game, I was ready with the still camera for the game-winning hit in the bottom of the 9th inning and snapped a picture. But had I been thinking that would have been the best baseball Vine ever. Hit. Celebration. Crowd Noise. Loop.

Instead, I have an archive of sideways turkeys.

But that's OK. I'll be adding to that archive for sure.

It'll get better.

Provided I remember which way to hold the camera.