New Thing #244: Egg-In-A-Hole

EggInAHoleI know I've championed a good breakfast on this site before and how much I've relied on one in recent years. Most of the time that good breakfast revolves around eggs.

Usually my go-to breakfast is three sunnyside up eggs and one or two English muffins.

This summer, my daughters have started to have some eggs in the morning - usually scrambled, sometimes hard-boiled.

But last week they were excited to tell me about something new.

My oldest daughter told me about it first.

"Daddy, Mommy cut a hole in some toast and cooked that with an egg inside!" she said. "You like toast, right?"

I nodded.

"And you like eggs. You'll love this!"

I was picturing a hard-boiled egg in the middle of some bread, but my wife clarified for me what my daughter meant - it was a fried egg.

This weekend, my wife was about to make some sunnyside ups and I told her I wanted to try what she had made the girls that week. I've never had it before.

So she made what you see above. (I didn't think the one egg and toast would fill me. I'm glad I had the other two eggs too.)

My favorite part, I think, was the cut-out circle of bread. (You can see that in the top right-hand corner.)

My least favorite part was there wasn't a lot of bread to dip into the yolk, which I love to do.

I looked it up online - it's called an Egg-In-A-Hole.

It won't replace my routine breakfast...but it's a good alternative to know about.