New Thing #18: Taking My Daughter To The Doctor

As mentioned previously, my wife is back to working from an office. As such, for the first time with 3 kids, I'm fair game to miss work for a child "emergency" (nothing terrible, but for lack of a better term here I'll go with emergency qualified by quotation marks).

For 4 years my wife was home to take one of the girls to the doctor at the drop of a hat if need be.

On Thursday, though, my number came up.

First of all, understand I'm not complaining. I did it, and I was happy to do it. (Well, not happy, because one of my girls is sick...but you know, I'm not whining about it. That kind of happy.) It's just that, in the dividing up of adult tasks between me and my wife, she is the better option when it comes to taking the kids to the doctor. I'll go along if need be, but when it comes to medications and medical terms and insurance and all of the things that go along with a trip to the doctor, we both know she's our better bet.

Second of all, it's not like our girls are sickly. Thank goodness, this is a rare instance where we've kind of had to drop everything to get one of our girls to the doctor. We're lucky.

OK, so on with the "New Thing". My wife called shortly before dismissal at school to tell me that day care had called to say our youngest should probably go home. She was coughing a lot. My wife thought I should take her to the doctor's too. So as soon as school was over I took our oldest, picked up the sick child, and made it in time for the appointment.

It all went smoothly. I think I kept straight all the info the doctor dumped on me. Then we went back to daycare, picked up my middle child, and got home and had our dinner.

Verdict: Ear Infection.

And life once again proves to be somewhat idiot-proof: Apparently I can handle a trip to the pediatrician's by myself.