New Thing #265: A Stress-Free Fall Sunday

Jets_gameThere's nothing like sitting around on a rainy Sunday doing nothing but watching football. Those Sundays are few and far between for me.

Either it's beautiful out and I feel guilty for staying in and watching the games, or the Jets aren't on TV and I have to figure out a way to get the free hours to leave the house to go somewhere to watch the game.

But that's no longer a problem.

I've already told you about 'Football On My Phone.'

I'm not going to rehash that - nor will I write much more about football after today (probably). But I do need to let you know today will be the first day I will be watching the Jets on my phone.

For the season opener they were on the local Fox station while the Patriots were on CBS. The next week they were the nationally televised Thursday night game.

Today there are just two games on local TV - the Patriots at 1 and the 49ers at 4.

So I'll be watching both of those games on TV, with the Jets on the phone late in the day.

And there's rain in the forecast, so I'll be able to sit and read the Sunday newspapers and then veg out without worrying that I should be taking the girls for a walk or to play outside or anything.

They can play inside and I can have a stress-free Sunday. (Provided I can get the newspapers inside the house before they get soaked through.)

I just won't be able to flip between the 4pm games on my phone, which is too bad. There are quite a few this week. But maybe I'll get my fill switching between the 1pm games.

I might even watch a baseball  game on my computer. David Wright is back in the Mets' lineup, and I haven't watched the Mets in a long time. And I just love David Wright. (He's been out 7 weeks. I might not have watched a full Mets game in something like 5 weeks.)

So that's where I'll be this Sunday if you need me.

Try not to need me.

Especially if you have news that might stress me out.

And if you happen to pass my house before I make it out to grab the newspapers, you can help make my Sunday stress-free by bringing those papers closer to the door and sheltered from the rain.

Thank you.