New Thing #266: The Fox

This is by far the weirdest Music Monday of the year. And I totally stumbled into it.

On a group e-mail one friend made a music joke and another friend countered that he didn't get it because he doesn't listen to any music...but he did have 'What The Fox Says' stuck in his head.

I had never heard of it - so I immediately looked into it.

Turns out I had missed quite a sensation.

It's a music video that went viral earlier this month, I think.

It went to 3 million hits on YouTube in three days - it's almost up to 45 million total right now.

Hard to believe that something can get that popular that fast and I can end up having no clue about it - but I have a clue now.

The song is sung by a duo called Ylvis, brothers who have a Norwegian variety show. (They've been compared to 'Flight of the Conchords', if that helps give you some context.)

It's a very catchy song, and it's absolutely ridiculous...but the minute I watched it I knew I had to write about it.

(And others have too - I found this article which actually investigates "What does the fox say?" - complete with sound clips of actual foxes.)

That's about the extent of my knowledge about this Music Monday entry - feel free to comment if you have anything else. (One late addition, thanks to promos during Fox's NFL Sunday - Fox is using it as an add campaign for its fall television season. Pretty good idea.)

Here's the video. And I'll give you the same warning I was given: It will be hard to get this song out of your head: