New Thing #278: Len Solomon and his Bellowphone

BellowphoneThat there in that picture is Len Solomon and his bellowphone. Len came to the school on Friday to perform at an assembly.

It's rare that I'll include a school event as a New Thing, but I'll admit it - we're in a bit of a New Thing dry spell.

And this was a pretty good performance.

So good that it only just occurred to me that this is also the rare post about music that doesn't take place on a Monday.

I guess we're just breaking all the rules today.

Earlier in the week I told the students we were having this assembly, and I knew there was a bellowphone in the title. I assumed it was kind of like a one-mand-band, and in my mind I assumed a bellowphone was some kind of instrument that accommodated a one-man band.

When I asked if anyone knew what a bellowphone was I got a few responses about the kind of instrument it was - they all sounded like they could be pretty accurate.

Turns's something this guy created.

It's made up of tubes - like pipes and vacuum hoses - and pieces of metal and horns, and to watch Len Solomon play all of the different instruments he made from items like coat hangers and straws (he's more than just a bellowphone player) was something else.

I like music, and I wish I had a better ear for music. I can play a little piano, but I have no ability to do music by ear. This guy turns anything that makes a noise into a specific note - that is unfathomable to me. I don't even know if I can learn to develop that kind of a skill.

He mixed in some humor too - he killed with the 8-and-under set.

Here's the link to his site - if you're looking for some school-age entertainment, I'd recommend him.