New Thing #279: Apple Squash

Apple_SquashWe're still trying to be creative with the apples over here. And my wife hit on something clever this week.

Apparently she just googled 'apple' and 'squash' because she had some squash in the farm share.

(I'm not sure I would have thought to do that - apples and squash seem like separate entities to me. I might have searched 'apple squash' to see different ways people squash apples, but that's not helpful when preparing food.)

Anyway, she found this recipe and made it with some pork the other night.

The apple squash was a lot like applesauce, which you may or may not have expected to hear.

What gave me pause, though, was the pecans.

I'm not a huge nut guy. It's not like I hate them or like I'm allergic or anything, it's just that, given the choice, I'd rather not. I like my salad with greens and apples, but I don't like the walnuts, thank you very much. Often I feel like nuts are an unnecessary addition.

And I didn't necessarily enjoy the nuts here, but I didn't hate them. They didn't get in the way. It was a very tasty side.

I wonder if I'd like the apple squash even more without the nuts...but the nuts gave it a texture that reminded me of an apple crisp, so maybe that was a good thing.

Either way, it helped get rid of a couple of more apples.

Only about a thousand more to go.