New Thing #284: My Big Work Project

I guess it's time to write about this. It's dominated the past year-plus for me.

I've alluded to it a few other times.

It's a big project at work unlike anything I've done professionally before.

And, as the end of October fast approaches, it's coming to a head really soon.

I don't want to get into it too much...but there was going to be a day where I was going to run out of New Things and as a result of this work project I was not going to be able to go out and do something that I could write about.

So I need to write about this.

It's essentially a self-evaluation for my workplace that I helped coordinate.

It went great - the people I work with were awesome throughout the process - and personally it opened my eyes to the different aspects of being involved with a school.

That part ended at the end of the summer, and now a group of people will come to check that what we wrote about and sent them is true.

They'll come to the school for three days at the end of the month...and I'm helping get ready for that, which is dominating my time now.

I knew it would be a huge load when I took on this responsibility.

It didn't disappoint.

But I would do it again - it was a great experience professionally.

And I'll add this: I'm looking forward to when it's over in November.