New Thing #285: Up Close And Personal With A Turkey

Individual_TurkeyHere's another New Thing from the wildlife department. Leaving school on Friday my daughters and I ran into a flock of turkeys. (Flock? Pod? School? Murder?)

They were all over the front of the school - an unusual sight at the end of the school day.

And instead of turning around and walking out a different door of the school - we barreled through the flock.

I'm pretty sure, if you remember my terrible attempt at a first Vine, that this is the same group (pride? herd? litter?) of turkeys that I took video of in the back of the school, outside my classroom.

I've seen the turkeys on the road approaching school too - I've even watched them fly up and over a fence - but I've never walked right past them.

I'm usually either in my car or keeping my distance.

I think I've heard that turkeys can be mean. (But maybe that's just bluejays.) So it was with extreme caution that I walked with my daughters to our car. My oldest brazenly walked the sidewalk past where one of the turkeys was hanging out in the bushes. My 5-year-old is proving to be quite daddy's little girl - she walked the circuitous route around the turkey perimeter with me, holding my hand and alert to the possibility of a turkey attack. Turns out, I think these turkeys were used to being around people.

As you can probably tell by the fact that I'm writing this...we made it.

And I was as close to a turkey as I've ever been before.