New Thing #286: Downloading My Twitter Archive

Twitter_ArchiveLate last year Twitter made it an option for a user to be able to access all of their old tweets in a more organized way. (I suppose the possibility exists to scroll down until you get back to the beginning, but that doesn't seem to be an efficient way to go about seeing what you wrote way back when, thousands of tweets ago.)

It's been in the back of my mind to check out my Twitter archive for...oh, about 10 months now, but it didn't look like something that would be simple and quick so I haven't done it.

But this weekend I looked into it a little bit more.

It took about one or two extra steps than I would have liked, but I've downloaded my Twitter archive.

Of course, if you know anything abut my Twitter life, I've only really downloaded half (or less than half) of my work on Twitter. I have two accounts - one is a sports-heavy one related to my sports blog work, and the other is the one which I've been using for the past year-plus. (That's the one I downloaded.)

I'm a big fan of starting fresh every so often. I don't know why. But I distinctly remember as a kid getting to the final stage of Legend of Zelda, for Super Nintendo I think, and just not being able to beat that last boss. So after a couple of tries I started the game again from the beginning, where you're in that rainy scene discovering the problem that sets you off on the big adventure. I don't think I ever ended up beating the game.

I think about that often, but I don't regret it.

I feel like Twitter is the same way - I worked really hard to build up almost 800 followers on my '200 Miles From The Citi' account, and then I started fresh on my regular John Sucich one. And I kind of feel like my 70 or so followers on that account are more interested in what I have to say than the 800 (probably mostly fraudulent accounts) I had following me on the sports site. (I've tried to get some of them to cross over, but other than a handful that I'm interested in following I haven't been successful.)

As for the archive? Well, it was a full-on download process, and I can only access the tweets by clicking the link they gave me after the download. I wish there was just a shortcut on my Twitter page.

But I'm enjoying the navel gazing as I re-read my old tweets. I would say I haven't quite yet mastered the medium (not like someone like Jimmy Fallon)...but I do OK.

Here's a quick taste from the past couple of years:


Tweet_2 Tweet_3 Tweet_4

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