New Thing #292: Maine Lobster Tracks Ice Cream

Lobster_TracksMy wife brought home some new ice cream this week. At first when I heard what it was called I admit it sounded disgusting.

"Lobster" and "Ice Cream" are not words I usually associate with one another...unless it's summer, and I have both - separately - for dinner and dessert.

But, thanks in no small part to the small print on the carton, I realized "This product contains NO lobster."

And it turned out to be quite tasty.

Here is what's in the ice cream: it's vanilla ice cream with lobster-colored chocolate cups filled with caramel and - this is the best part - a "unique eclair crunch".

I can't tell you how good that eclair crunch is  - I want only eclair crunch ice cream.

It's Gifford's ice cream, which I've never had before - my wife picked it up at Sudbury Farms grocery store.

Here's a look at the ice cream itself - I recommend you try it out if you're in the area: