New Thing #293: A Bloody Mary

Bloody_MaryBelieve it or not...I don't think I've ever had a Bloody Mary. It's not tops on my list for beverages...ever, really.

But Sunday afternoon (early afternoon) my friend Justin decided to start his day with I decided to follow suit.

I figured, at the very least, it was a New Thing.

I'm not sure why I never usually order one. Probably the name. I'm not sure I'm interested in a 'bloody' anything.

Plus, as my friend Dave mentioned last week, if you're not a fan of tomato juice, it's not really the drink for you.

Tomato juice is probably fourth or fifth on my depth chart of juices (Orange, Apple, Cran-Grape [that's preferable to either cranberry or grape for me], then it's a pretty far drop-off to whatever is next). So if I'm mixing a drink, I'd go to a soda before I even got close to tomato juice.

Regardless, it was something to try. It had some olives stuffed with bleu cheese. It was fine.

But I switched to beer after one.