New Thing #309: Skipping A Week

NBA_PreviewIf I get my Sports Illustrated on Saturday, that means it's late.  Usually it'll come on Thursday, and if it doesn't come until Saturday, well, that means I have a lot of reading to do in fewer days to make sure I'm done with it before the next issue comes.

And this week, I got the Sports Illustrated NBA Preview on Saturday.

Which is a problem, because it's a thick edition of the magazine. That's too short of a turnaround for me.

The other problem?

I was supposed to get this edition of the magazine a week ago.

Now, I don't particularly love the NBA Preview magazine. It's been a while since I cared a whole lot about the NBA, and this edition of Sports Illustrated is a whole lot of  information about something for which I do not care all that much anymore.

But, here's a little quirk of mine: I must read every word in every Sports Illustrated.

Not just Sports Illustrated - any magazine to which I subscribe. (I used to get TIME. The combination of needing to read every word in that and SI got to me. SI won. I unsubscribed from TIME.)

The magazines that come with the Sunday newspapers are exempt from this rule…but the articles which I do read regularly in those magazines need to be read through before I recycle them….in case you were wondering.

Anyway, this SI situation (SItuation?) presents my quirkiness with a big problem. Do I read through the NBA Preview magazine and possibly upset my Sports Illustrated reading pattern for weeks? Or do I break one of my unwritten rules? (You're surprised my rules aren't written down, aren't you?)

Silver Lining! The best part about this situation is that I have a use now for my friend Justin's Sports Illustrated Review. Every week (well, most every week. I am on top of it, and he's missed a couple in the past couple of months.) Justin writes about that week's edition of Sports Illustrated - what's worth reading, his reaction to the articles, and what's not worth your time.

I love these reviews. Absolutely love them. But I've never had any use for them as reviews - I just read them for entertainment.

Except for this week. I'll go through what Justin wrote and see if there's anything worth checking out before I give up on the NBA Preview. I think his opinions gel very closely with mine…so this should work just fine.

For your information - you should check out Justin's reviews each week - he's a funny writer. They're at Sports Crackle Pop!

As for me - let's just say I hope I don't have to rely on another one of his reviews anytime soon.

I'll need a while to recover mentally from not reading the whole NBA Preview.