New Thing #308: 365 Days of New Music

New_MusicHere's a website I can relate to: It's called The Ruckus, and they have a feature going right now called '365 Days of New Music.'

It came to my attention because of their October 16th entry - none other than Matt Sucich. (Hey! He's got some new music/videos to check out - head over to his website to listen/watch.)

But that got me to check out the site a little.

I'm down to about 7 or so more Music Mondays, and coming up with these 52 New Music experiences has been hard enough.

I can't even imagine what it was like to do a whole year's worth.

So to that I say, nice work, Ruckus.

Because I assume this gets to a point where you really have to work your way through it.

If you're going to try 365 new musical acts - songs or bands - you're bound to hit a few clunkers.

I hit a couple of bands I enjoyed when I clicked around their site - most notably Noble Hunter - but hitting one I didn't like was enough to turn me off the entire project.

So I definitely applaud the effort.

And who knows - I might rely on the site once or twice more in these last few weeks as I try to expose myself to a few more new music experiences.

I just hope I click on something I end up liking.