New Thing #364: More New Things For The New Year

SunriseWriting about Trying New Things every day for a year is an accomplishment of which I'm quite proud. But that's not the only New Thing I've kept up this year.

There are other New Things that after I tried them, I've kept on doing and I feel like I'm better for it.

I did one of those things this morning, as you can see in the picture at left, before the sun was fully up, and as I did on that walk, I'd like to reflect a little bit on this year and the year ahead.

Way back in early January of 2013, I took a winter walk.

It used to be that once the temperature reached a certain low I'd be done with outdoor activity until the springtime. It's not like I'm running in the middle of the winter these days, but I've been trying to exercise all year long (I'm still weighing myself every day), and that means going for walks even if it's cold outside.

Monday morning I was particularly brave, because there was an icy glaze on the streets (I didn't fall!) and it was garbage day, and walking as early as I did I ran the risk of running into scavenging animals going through garbage pails. (I didn't!)

I'm actually doing two New Things on Monday, later in the day…or, rather, I'm going to two New Places where I haven't been before: Skybox, a new sports bar in Natick, and the Yard House in Lincoln - I'll be catching up with friends and watching bowl games.

But I've been thinking, as the days of 2013 have dwindled away, of all the New Things I wanted to do but haven't done. (You may have noticed there's no Music Monday today - I almost went with my brother to a recording session on Friday to write about for today, but I didn't, so I figured it was a good time to reflect instead.)

Two of the biggest missed New Thing opportunities involved getting on stage - In 2014 I need to try stand-up and/or try storytelling. Those are two things I wanted to make priorities this year but they just haven't worked with my schedule. (I did satisfy my performing bug by auctioneering for the second time in my life back in April.)

Another New Thing that has been at the top of my list that I didn't try all year was yoga. I was kind of excited to document that, but it just never happened. I will try it in 2014.

Netflix has opened the door to New Things for the new year - Archer is another show I had wanted to start watching, and I saw that's on there. That might be a binge-watch in the week before I go back to school.

There are new restaurants my wife and I have wanted to try that because of 3 children and all we just haven't had the chance to do, but trips to Framingham Beer Works and The Local in Wayland are on our agenda. Also, there's a SmashBurger that just opened up nearby - I'll be trying that out with our without her.

I always end up in a reflective mood this time of year. Either today, tomorrow, or Wednesday I may tweet out some of my favorite New Things of 2013. If you're interested in that, make sure you follow me there @jsucich.

Otherwise, you may be wondering why I'm writing so reflectively today with one more day to go.

Well, New Thing #365 is going to be a big dea, and it will definitely carry over into 2014.

And I'll be writing about that tomorrow.