New Thing #46: My All Star Game Hat

ASG_HatWhen the calendar turned to February, my thoughts started to turn to baseball a bit. And I started thinking about another Christmas gift I received that I had yet to wear.

I mentioned the pink shirt last, I'm talking about my '2013 All Star Game' hat.

If you don't already know, this year's MLB All Star Game will be held at Citi Field.

(I hope to make "Attending the All Star Game" New Thing #200 or so...let me know if you can help make that happen.)

565224_1240068229_53390128_qI like a good, unique hat. My Mets hat of choice these days is this orange number - I haven't seen it on too many people.

For this season, though, I'm looking forward to getting a good number of wearings out of the above All Star Game hat - I'm sure it's pretty popular in the New York City area, but here in Massachusetts it'll top the charts in originality.

I also have a t-shirt...I'll certainly be wearing that over the summer, but it probably won't merit its own New Thing entry. (And while we're on the subject - it's got a big All Star Game logo on the front, the kind that if you get sweaty and sticky in the summer might stick to your chest. We'll have to see how my clothes sensitivity holds up against that.)

We've had one day of baseball cap weather, and since then February's been all about snow. But pitchers and catchers have reported, we're on the verge of full-on spring training...I'll be getting in plenty of wearing of my new hat, and soon.