New Thing #45: Posting From My Phone

20130213-193251.jpgI came home from work Wednesday to discover that our wireless was out. According to my wife, the plug for the transmitter (that's not right. I know it's not called a transmitter, but that's all I'm coming up with right now) was dangerously hot, she called the company, and they said they'd replace it. (Seems to me like they've had this problem before.)

But now we're waiting for a plug, and we have no Internet until it comes.

So how was I going to post my New Things?

Well, I'd had the Wordpress app on my phone for a while, but I wasn't using it, then one time it froze while updating, so I deleted it.

But desperate times call for desperate measures, and Wednesday afternoon I downloaded it again.

It seems to be working great...I'm writing this - and when I finish I'll be posting this - from my phone.

I'm getting the hang of it, but it looks like everything I'm able to do from the computer I'm able to do with this app. (The typing is harder. I don't like the iPhone keypad...I'm probably not alone in that. Also, and perhaps obviously, that picture didn't quite go where I wanted it to.)

So this was a successful New Thing. I had Friday's post already written and scheduled, so for now this is the only post I'll probably need to use this for.

But I can certainly see myself publishing this way again before 2013 is up.