New Thing #41: A Picture of the Sun Setting

Through_The_WindowWhile we're on the subject of pictures (well, we were yesterday), I thought I'd share another one with you. This is new because it's one of those things that before this little experiment I wouldn't have thought about stopping to take a picture of and sharing with others.

So the fact that I did makes it a 'New Thing'.

What you see to the left here is the view outside my classroom window sometime in the 4 o'clock hour this time of year.

If you click on through, I'll tell you a little bit more about it, and I'll also show you what it looks like outside, without looking out the window.

As you can probably tell, when those trees are not bare, you can barely see the sun through them.

But this time of year, it shines right on through.

And I think there are a couple of reasons I like this view:

1) It's just pretty, I think,

2) It happens every year, and I forget how much I enjoy seeing that sun glare fade as it approaches the horizon until it's happening again. It's like an annual surprise,


3) I like how this time of year it gets to a certain part of the trees later and later each day, portending spring and those trees being filled out, as not all that far away.

I have an appreciation for the view out of my window at work when the trees are full of life, and fall is (perhaps obviously) beautiful as well...but in the dead of winter, I feel like the sun brings some color to what could be a drab view.

I'm excited it's almost time to be done with you for the season, sunset...but part of me is looking forward to when you surprise me again next year.