New Thing #42: Mates of State

mates_of_StateI maybe shouldn't call this entry "Mates of State", because I'm not exactly looking at the band as a whole. But I am talking about them in a little bit more of a global way than just focusing on the one song I really enjoyed, so I'm keeping it that way.

The song is called "My Only Offer", and it's very good. (I've included the video at the end of this post.)

I get the impression, though, that I'd like other songs from the duo.

A couple of things: I'm not sure I'm allowed to use the picture I've used for this post, but I figure if I plug the band's site - - and send you there to buy a poster of it if you like it (I really liked it, which is why I used it), maybe all will even out. You can also go to the site to find out more about the band - you'll definitely learn more there than here.

All I know is that I think they hail from Kansas, but live now in Connecticut, and started out more than a decade ago. They're a guy and a girl and they formed their band when it seems like they were dating, and then got married not too much later. (Or they started dating after they started playing together, and unlike the script of most musical acts who follow that path they've stayed together.) They've been married since 2001. I kind of like that. I imagine it might be the best thing in the world to be touring and performing with your spouse, but it might also be the worst thing in the world. I hope it works out for them. I find them likable.

This 'Music Monday' is a Justin suggestion - he told me to check out "My Only Offer" and "Rearranger", off the album "Re-Arrange Us". "Rearranger" ("Re-Arranger"?) was good, but I really liked "My Only Offer". Justin doesn't know much more about 'Mates of State' than I do. He had told a friend that he liked the 'Juno' soundtrack, and a friend suggested some music he also might like, and 'Mates of State' was included in that music.

So that's it. I could see myself pursuing these two beyond this one song. There's a solid keyboard sound - I always like that. But for now, here's that one song: