New Thing #51: T-wisted Frozen Yogurt

T-wistedA new frozen yogurt place opened up nearby recently. Three weeks ago, to be precise.

We knew that we'd be checking it out on February vacation, and that's where we went late Wednesday morning.

It's called "Twisted", I think, though the branding has that little hyphen in between the "T" and the "wisted".

I may not know exactly what they're called - but I know I liked the frozen yogurt.

I know what you're thinking. "After all that health-conscious stuff you've been writing about the past few days, now you're having frozen yogurt before lunch?!"

Well, first of all, I have three kids, so before lunch is prime time for certain things. Secondly, according to the Lose It! app, 5 ounces of frozen yogurt (you weigh when you pay - and if that's not their slogan, it should be) is not all that high in calories.

So here's how it works: You walk in, grab a cup (there were cones available too, though I didn't see them until later), and then face a wall with about 20 frozen yogurt dispensers:


It's self-serve, then you walk over to the toppings and go to town. Everything is available, from chocolate chips and sprinkles to blueberries and other fruits that I didn't stop to look at very much.

Then you go to the register, there's a scale there, and "you weigh when you pay." (I'm telling you. I hope they thought of that.) It's something like $0.49/ounce. It's actually probably the cheapest thing in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Sudbury is where it's located, right on Route 20 - as you can tell by that top picture, it's kind of tucked away in the back of a little shopping center. It's not going to get much foot traffic, but once word-of-mouth catches on, I think this place will do all right. We were there right when it opened on Wednesday (I told you - three kids), and it's February break. I think, come summertime, or even the spring, the place is going to be packed. Actually, for some reason I got a little anxious thinking about how packed it might get, being not all that far from the high school. I want to go on a hot summer evening, but I'm nervous about how busy it might be. I'll have to get over that.

As for the frozen yogurt itself - it was great. I had cookies and cream - figured I'd keep it simple and go more exotic on future visits. Because there will be future visits. As long as  it doesn't get too crowded.