New Thing #52: An Orange-and-White Striped Shirt

Orange_Stripe_ShirtMy brother gave me this shirt for Christmas. As we all know by now, he thinks highly of his fashion sense.

I wore the shirt for the first time on Wednesday.

I'll be honest - I had my doubts I could pull off the orange-and-white striped shirt.

But I can't argue with that picture - I have to admit it's a nice-looking shirt.

He says he wanted to give it to me because he wanted me to have a nice shirt - it's J. Crew - I don't have much in the way of J. Crew. So he's right - I don't have much that's all that nice...and much of what I have is very monotonous. Literally. A lot of single-color shirts.

I'm not the only one who likes the look of the shirt - my wife complimented it and I texted a picture to my brother - he seemed to like it as well.

My daughters had some interesting reactions. My oldest (age 6) recognized it as a new shirt as soon as I put it on. "That's a nice shirt!" she said. Then, in one of those loud stage whispers she added, "That reminds me of 'Where's Waldo'?"

My middle daughter (age 4) noticed at the frozen yogurt place (you may have recognized the T-wisted wall in the background of the picture above) that the shirt looked just like her creamsicle frozen yogurt:


As for me and my wife - the funniest thing happened on our way home from that Christmas get-together back in December. We saw the following cement mixer, and I asked her to take a picture to send to my brother when I finally wore the shirt. It seems like I'm not the only one wearing orange-and-white these days.