New Thing #62: Living Earth App

Living_Earth_AppStarbucks had another good app 'Pick of the Week' last week. It's called 'Living Earth - Clock & Weather'.

The clock feature involves an alarm, gives you the time of other words, it's not anything different than what your phone already offers.

But the weather part - that's kind of cool.

I'm not going to lie - I won't use this app all that much. But it's got a good 'wow' factor to break out every so often.

As you can see in the image above it gives you a satellite view of the earth, and you can get an idea of cloud cover around the world, as well as temperature, wind, and humidity. You can get an idea of the locations of big storms too.

I'm no weather geek (although the amount of weather apps on my phone is disproportionate to that statement), but I sense this app will help give me a more global understanding of weather. Or just a more global view of everything, really - if you rotate the globe you can get an idea of where it's night, morning, etc.

Like I said - this is more of an occasional app rather than an everyday app...but that's OK. Most of them are, really.

But in this year of New Things, it's something where in the past I never would have stopped to take the card at Starbucks, enter the code, and get the normally $1.99 app for free. And I never would have known how sunny it usually is in South America.