New Thing #73: Statistics!

314Today is Pi Day. You know - March 14. 3/14, and the digits in pi are 3.14...... Did you know about Pi Day?

I feel like I only knew about it since I became a teacher.

And I'm a big numbers guy.

That's one that was never on my radar.

I bring up Pi Day because today's post is about numbers.

I have an app that allows me to keep track of how many people are reading my blog.

I think.

It's called 'Statistics For WordPress'.

It gives me the number of people who click the links each day, and the individual posts that are clicked too.

I have no reason to believe it's inaccurate, but I also don't know how much stock to put into it.

There are certain days I can see that people have clicked through a bunch of the entries, so that seems about right, like someone catching up on what they missed.

But there are other days that the clicks seem so arbitrary that I just don't know what to think.

I can also see if people clicked over through Facebook, Twitter, or a search engine like Google. (People searched for 'brownie batter donut' almost every day since I posted that one. Someone even searched for it at 'duckin donuts'. Also, for some reason that Billy Joel video took on a second life this week and there were a lot of searches for it.)

It seems like people are reading, and for that I'm appreciative.

I've had days where I've received as little as 3 views.

But I've also had big days - more than 100 views. (It seems like when people help spread the word on social media that helps increase the hits. Todd Kramer posted about the site when I wrote about him, and there was a big spike those days.)

I have no idea how many hits should be a goal. More than 100 seems like a good number, but I think the reality right now is that very few people know this exists. Maybe another New Thing before the end of 2013 should be to talk up the site a little more to increase readership.

But know that if you've been one of the people whose click registered in my Statistics app, I really appreciate you reading. And I hope you come back.

Or not. It doesn't matter. Not like I'm counting or anything.

Ahh, just kidding. I'm counting every day.