New Thing #93: Beat The Streak

Beat_StreakThere's not much more I love in the world than the dawn of a new baseball season. There's a certain beauty to seeing everything reset to zero - wins, averages...everything.

Besides the on-field games, though, there's the off-field fun.

And the return of a new baseball season means the return of one of my favorite games - Beat The Streak.

It's a simple game - you pick a player each day. Your goal is to build a hitting streak - so if that player gets a hit, you pick someone to get a hit the next day. And so on...all season long. (Until late August - I usually stop playing when a 56-game hitting streak is no longer viable.)

Each of the past few years the game has gotten progressively better.

It started as a fantasy game on the website. Then it became an app, which made it more convenient to play. Then it allowed you to 'double down', meaning you could pick two players a day if you wanted.

This year - and this is what makes it a New Thing - you can take a day off. Or an unintentional day, anyway. It used to be that if you skipped a day, your streak would be reset to 0. (To be honest, I feel like years ago this wasn't the case - but maybe with the addition of 'double down' they added this too. I don't remember.) Now, if you forget to submit a pick, you can pick up where you left off.

Another New Thing - it appears one of my favorite places (Dunkin' Donuts) has taken over sponsorship of the game. I think it used to be Scott's Lawn Care...Dunkin' taking over can't be anything but good for the game.

My longest streak ever, I think, was 12 games. My biggest problem these days is preventing myself from thinking making two picks a day isn't the easiest thing in the world. (I should have had a 2-game streak after the first two days of the season, but both days I pushed it and selected a second player...both of whom went hitless.)

I need to learn to pace myself.

Which I'll do. It's a long season.

But that's the beauty of the early part of the season. Because right now there's nothing leading me to believe that this won't be the year I build a 56-game hitting streak.