New Thing #92: 1716 Eggs Benedict

1716_BenedictFor the past couple of years on Easter we've gone to brunch at an inn in Concord, Massachusetts that dates back to 1716. There's an all-you-can eat brunch buffet, and it hasn't exactly featured a ton of variety.

In other words, it's the usual brunch fare - omelet station, meat carving station, breakfast foods, some desserts.

This year, though, there was something different.

Among the offerings was something called '1716 Eggs Benedict.'

Instead of poached eggs on an english muffin, they were on top of a pancake...with some bacon mixed in there.

It was a new twist on a dish I love - I'll always order Eggs Benedict if it's being offered...and whether it's a different topping or something different with the sauce, different places have different minor variations.

But the constant is usually the bread - english muffin, or portuguese muffin (I think that's what it's called...and I suppose those should be proper nouns, but I'm not really sure) - but I'd never seen a pancake before.

It struck me as soon as I saw it on someone else's plate. My sister-in-law sat down with it and I asked her if they had the poached eggs at the buffet already poached - you don't usually see that. And she said, "It comes like this." She meant it came poached atop the pancake, but I thought she just meant poached.

I guess it makes sense: If they're re-creating a dish from 1716 - I suppose you'd have a pancake under the egg and not much fancier bread.

But it's 2013 now. The pancake is a novelty for my Eggs Benedict.

Given the choice, I'll take my english muffin.

English muffin. Yeah, it should be capitalized.