New Thing #121: Gone Girl

Gone_GirlOver spring break I read Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. (FYI, her name is pronounced with a hard 'g', not like 'Jillian'.)

I had heard an interview with Flynn on the 'Bullseye' podcast back when the book came out (well, I didn't hear the podcast when the book came out - but I listened to the episode from that time recently. Also, while we're going down the parenthetical road here, that podcast is also how I knew how to pronounce her name.), and it piqued my interest.

I'm not so sure it was as good as advertised, though.

It was an entertaining enough read. It wasn't "I can't put this down it's so good!", but it still made me want to pick it up to finish it. More of a "I'm very interested in how this turns out, so I'm going to read it some more. But first I'll do a couple of other things."

I'm not going to ruin the book on you here, but I am going to give the same type of allusions to the plot that I was given in the podcast. I pretty much guessed at what was going to happen based on those allusions. So if you plan on reading the book and you're wary of any kind of a spoiler, I'd stop reading if I were you. And if you don't stop reading...don't hold me responsible if the book is ruined.

See - there's a twist. I don't know if I hadn't heard the podcast whether I would have seen the twist coming. It seems to me like it's almost an obvious twist...but since I guessed ahead of time at what might really might have colored my enjoyment of the book.

I might have gone from reading it and enjoying it to reading it to see when the twist I was expecting to happen would happen.

The book is about a married couple, and on their wedding anniversary, the wife disappears. The book is told in alternating points of view - the husband's as the investigation unfolds, and the wife's as journal entries leading up to the disappearance.

And I think that's all I'll give you about the plot.

Remember when I wrote about Tenth of December? How my biggest complaint was that the stories were so open-ended? Well, there's a satisfaction for me in reading a novel with an ending.

I just wish it was a novel that lived up to all the hype I heard about leading up to it.