New Thing #122: Beet Burger

Pre_BeetWhat, you are probably asking yourself as you look at that picture to the left, in the world is that?! That's what I was wondering.

It turned out to be dinner on Wednesday night.

I snapped a picture. And then I took another one when the final product was on the table.

And after our first bites my wife turned to me and said, "I have a feeling your review of this meal is not going to be very positive."

I think I've written this before - my wife does the majority of our cooking. And I appreciate her for that, and she does a great job. Usually it's hit after hit.

But Wednesday night was a rare miss.

Post_BeetThese were beet burgers.

I asked my wife why she made them. (She knows that I believe if we're having burgers there is no good reason to take out the meat and replace it with beets. So I meant it - and she understood it - as a legitimate question.)

She tells me that every so often she checks out The New York Times' web site, and they have recipes for healthy foods. This was one she came across a couple of weeks ago, and she decided to make them.

I'm sure it was healthy.

But it sure wasn't tasty.

My wife tells me there's rice involved, and parsley, and goat cheese. And beets, of course. As we slogged our way through the meal, she was thinking of ways we (OK, she) could make it less bland. I suggested cheese. She reiterated it had goat cheese. American cheese, I stressed.

But I'm not sure there's an answer to how to make this less bland. Maybe if you throw a bacon cheeseburger underneath it.

And yes, I realize I already made a joke about how a beet burger isn't a hamburger.

But I don't think I can stress that enough.