A Missed Anniversary

Milk Anniversary.JPG

(Sunday Paper, Volume III, Issue 18)

I'm embarrassed to tell you that I missed a very important anniversary.

Not my wedding anniversary - that's on Tuesday, and I would never forget it.

(I'll even gladly take any excuse to celebrate it - like when the expiration date on the milk we bought this week is the same date as our anniversary.)

No, this anniversary was much more significant, and I let it blow right by.

I forgot to acknowledge the 100th edition of the Sunday Paper.


Longtime readers - back to the sports Sunday Paper days - know that there was a 100th edition there. We did it up great - I'm pretty sure Kevin made a graphic for it. (Unfortunately, it's become harder and harder to dig through the archives of the old Sunday Paper, so I didn't bother. I might have to do something about that before those posts are lost forever.)

And I knew, because I count lots of things (see the Roman numerals at the top of this page) that the Sunday Paper would be approaching number 100 some time this year. (We picked up the first year of the Sunday Paper midway through 2016 [May 29, to be exact] and then 2017 had about 52 issues, so sometime a few months into 2018 I knew I needed to pay attention to when number 100 would hit.) And I think I did the math back in December and put it in the back of my mind.

And then after "John The Bachelor" published two weeks ago, the back of my mind nagged at me and I counted again. Sure enough, that was supposed to be the big 100th Sunday Paper Celebration.

And then last week we already had the guest post crossover scheduled, and I figured what's another week after you missed 100 anyway?

So here we are, 102 Sunday Papers in. 102 is about as fun a number to celebrate as, I don't know, a 14th wedding anniversary.

All I'm saying is, I missed my chance.

But only 48 more weeks until the 150th!


*I hope you enjoyed Jessica's post last week...and then I equally hope you were able to catch my post on The Haute Life, as we did the first Sunday Paper crossover. I'm planning on bringing you some more guest posts as the summer approaches. That was fun last year. I don't think I have any more news for you on the writing front - it's been busy, I've been working, and I'm hoping to line up more work for the summer, so I guess that's the update.


*Been a busy few weeks on the comedy front. April was jam-packed, and it went as great as I hoped it would. The May dates are at the 'Comedy Shows' link at the top of the page, with maybe one or two more to come. It kicks off tonight at Improv Boston. Keep checking for updates.

What You Should Check Out

*I'm going to try something new for a bit - instead of looking back with 'What I've Been Enjoying' I'm going to try to look ahead and mention a show or something that stands out to me in the coming week or thereabouts, preferably one on which I'm not performing. There's always so many good shows happening that I don't think to tell you about until after they've happened, so we'll see how this goes.

I'm going to start with a show I am a part of because I want to draw your attention to it: On Wednesday, May 16, Amy Tee will be performing her one-woman show at the Amazing Things Arts Center here in Framingham. Here's the link with information. It's a show about mental health, but it's a comedy show - Amy has a way of taking something very serious and making it funny without losing the importance of what she is saying. I'll be opening the show, and it's at Amazing Things, which is a place I'd love to see a lot of you getting out to more.


*Did you read my piece up there that I wrote for The Haute Life? Seriously. Because otherwise this next bullet won't make sense. So I just wanted to check.

*Just know that I know about my birthday surprise, but not some of the specifics. So best that we don't discuss it until afterwards. (And I'll surely be writing about it after the fact.)

*Remember I told you one of my goals for the New Year was to try to put together and host my own comedy show? Things are falling into place kind of great in that department - stay tuned for news there.

*You know where things are not falling into place well? And in fact are falling apart terribly? With the Mets. That has taken a huge turn for the worse.

*I wrote about this last year, so I won't dwell on it, though I will mention it real quick just as a reminder: the next six weeks is shaping up to be bonkers. Softball season is underway (all three girls are playing this year and it's really great to watch them play but it's a huge time commitment), there are a bunch of family obligations, and there are dance and piano recitals. The month is likely to fly by, but there is a lot going on.

*You should know, for those of you who remember, I finally finished up the wrong deodorant I bought not too long ago, and we're back to our normal smellf.

*As always, I appreciate you reading. You can keep tabs on what's happening, comedy- and writing-wise, a couple of ways: I'd love your Like on the Facebook page, or if you'd follow me on Twitter. Also, I'm still throwing out the occasional Instagram Story - that's @jsucich. Thanks for the support!