Spring Fashion Advice For The Male Race


(Sunday Paper, Volume III, Issue 17)

Today's Sunday Paper is the first of the 2018 Guest Posts.

Taking over today is my friend Jessica Hennessy, who I met years ago working in the TV business. She now runs a lifestyle website and this week she's taking over the Sunday Paper with a little style advice. (I don't think the post was spurred by my fashion choices...) I definitely learned something, and if you think I'd look good in any of these items - hey, I have a birthday coming up.

Speaking of my birthday - keep your eyes peeled -  I had the chance to do a Sunday Paper-style post for her website, The Haute Life. And it's about the upcoming big day. Enjoy Jessica's post, and give a like or a follow to her social media links if you like what you read.


Hey there fellas! Happy spring - the time of the year when we ladies get a little giddy over fashion. We no longer have to hide under gargantuan piles of wool, or cashmere if you’re a lucky lady. We’re tossing our head-to-toe black puffer jackets into the back of the closet and stepping out of those shearling-lined boots and into cute little sandals. Ah, the springtime! Not just the rebirth of nature, but the rebirth of fashion!

Most of us ladies take this fashion revival seriously, but we're worried not many of you gentlemen do. At The Haute Life, we’ve made it part of our mission to share information. And so, we're passing along a few spring fashion tips to help you guys prune your wardrobe so you can blossom this spring. ;)

Tommy Hilfiger Men's TH Flex Stretch Custom-Fit Chino Pant $59.98

Tommy Hilfiger Men's TH Flex Stretch Custom-Fit Chino Pant $59.98

Say Yes To White Pants!

Why are guys so afraid to wear white pants? Clooney wears them. Brady wears them. Even Tony Montana, AKA Scarface, wore them! You know why? Because they know how much of a boss they look like when they roll into the joint in a pair of white pants. It’s ballsy. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that we ladies totally dig it. Check out these reasonably priced and comfortable pair of white pants available at Macy’s



J.Crew 9" short in garment-  dyed cotton $65.00

J.Crew 9" short in garment-dyed cotton $65.00


So Long, Long Shorts!

I know not everyone can be 6’2”. In fact, the average male height in the U.S. is just under 5’10”. Yet, it seems all men wear shorts cut for someone who is over 6 feet tall, even if they are 5’5". Here’s the thing guys – please don’t wear shorts below your knees. Do you know what we ladies call those types of shorts? Culottes or capris. Now, we know what you’re thinking, are you supposed to have your shorts tailored? Not at all! Stores like J.Crew have different inseam lengths on their shorts so you can find the perfect fit. Now, this doesn’t mean you should go all short-shorts on us. Ideally, the hem should rest 3 inches above the knee. Here’s a 9” hem from J.Crew. Feel free to peruse the rest for your ideal length!

Nike Men's Joggers Nike Sportswear $55

Nike Men's Joggers Nike Sportswear $55

Bag The Baggy-Look

This one is personal. My guy still rocks Fubu circa 1998. Okay, so it’s not really that bad. But, you get the point! Baggy clothes are not flattering! Show off what you got guys! Or at least make sure your clothes are properly tailored. This goes for all attire - pants, shirts, and jeans. Let’s go ahead and even apply this rule to loungewear, or as you call them, sweats. Check out this pair of nicely tailored, yet comfy sweatpants from Nike. Nothing sagging here! Guys, don’t be afraid of the cuffs on these. Once you get used to them, you’ll start to feel like a male fitness model. 

Sandals, No Socks!

One would think this is such a simple rule. Yet, we see it all the time. A guy sitting on a patio lounge, eating a lunch, sipping a drink. And then you look down to his feet. Ee gads! Socks AND sandals on his feet. Really?

Pushing the cart through the grocery aisle with S&S look is barely tolerable. But when out to dinner? Maybe he’s in need of a pedicure; I understand that. But, when my feet are in need of a major buff, I wear shoes and socks. Gentleman, please, if you put socks on your feet wear shoes. Conversely, if you’re wearing sandals, don’t wear socks!

Prints Are Mint!

9" stretch cotton paisley print short $69.50

9" stretch cotton paisley print short $69.50

Get minted with a nice print. On shorts or shirts, a print helps to break up an outfit, and well, they are just fun. Now, I’m not talking parrot head tropical or bright flowers and definitely not flames. A nice pattern or even small floral can work. I turned back to J.Crew because of all of the different sizing options and found these paisley shorts. I love the denim shirt on the model. But, because of the neutral navy color, these shorts would go with so much! Try a white button-down shirt or t-shirt. A Navy hooded sweatshirt would make the look more casual. Need a 4th of July outfit, throw on a light red sweater. 


Guys, I hope you found one trend you can adopt from these quick fashion tips. The most important part of spring fashion – enjoy the nice weather and don’t take yourself too seriously! 



Jessica Hennessy is owner and co-founder of the lifestyle website The Haute Life. Her passion is writing and helping others share their passions through written interviews and video production. Jessica lives in MetroWest with her two young boys and fiancé. Follow The Haute Life on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on the four corners of life - Fashion, Food, Love, and Life!