The Kids Take Over Part I

My middle daughter's drawing of some of my favorite things.

(Sunday Paper, Volume II, Issue 23)

In honor of Father's Day...and my birthday shortly thereafter...I'm going to take a little break from the Sunday Paper.

But that doesn't mean you have to take a break from the Sunday Paper!

I'm going to leave you in good hands - not unlike Bil Keane and 'The Family Circus', I'm going to let the kids take over for me while I'm vacationing.

And some other people too...and I'll be back in July.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I'm going to.

We kick things off this week with my middle daughter (she wanted to go first), who really knocked this assignment out of the park.

Well, it’s the first Sunday of June. Father’s Day is coming up and I have no idea what to get Dad. (wink!) Okay, so maybe I do. It probably won’t be as big and exciting as Mom’s gift I gave her for Mother’s Day, but it still will probably be a good gift. June is an exciting month in the year for my family. 1 birthday and Father’s Day. Oh! How could I forget? School gets out for summer! But, let’s focus back on Father’s Day. Father’s Day is on the third Sunday of June, no matter what. Luckily, it’s not the first Sunday of June or I would’ve said it was Father’s Day.

So, in school, I just had Field Day. Field Day is when there is all these games that review what you work on in gym during the school year. In the morning, grades K-2 have Field Day. In the afternoon, grades 3-5 have Field Day. This year’s Field Day was SO fun! I think my favorite game was gaga ball. Gaga ball is really fun! If you don’t know, gaga ball is when you hit the ball(s) and try to hit someone under their legs (or waist, depending on how you play it). I also liked the water games. There was messy backyard where you would dip the balls in water, then throw them. There was also an obstacle course that was really fun. To sum it all up, Field Day was FUN!  


*Dad says this is where I’m supposed to write about his work, so here goes. He seems hard-working. Maybe he wants extra Father’s Day gifts. Who knows. Lately, he’s been working for Mom a tiny bit. I don’t know who else he’s working for, but it’s none of my business. I think I’m working for him right now, typing this blog. I think Dad’s doing good with his work. He’s always working on his computer whenever he has the chance.  


*Dad has been going to comedy a lot. His “kid-friendly” jokes aren’t really that funny. I mean, when can I start hearing the “grown-up” jokes? I’m a big girl! But I bet his “grown-up” jokes aren’t really funny either. Dad enjoys going places to tell jokes. Once he went to Cleveland for a comedy festival!

What I've Been Enjoying

*I’ve really been enjoying all the projects I’m doing in school. Right now, I’m doing a family heritage project and an insect report. My family heritage project is on Croatia. My insect report is on a katydid. Both are interesting, from what I have researched. I have really been enjoying these.  


*My birthday is in September.

*I like ice cream.

*I want to be an author/illustrator when I grow up.

*I am 8-almost-9 years old.

*I am in second grade.

*I am good at telling jokes.

*I share a birthday with Harry Potter character Hermione Granger.

*I enjoy writing.

*I like getting new friends.

*I enjoyed writing this blog.