Oh Brother, Gimme A Break


(Sunday Paper, Volume III, Issue 35)

Next week I'll sandwich a little summer recap in before we get to one more guest post of the summer (according to the calendar) guest post season.

Today, though, it's my brother's return to the Sunday Paper.

You remember my brother, right?

Well, this guest post times out very well, because he'll be putting out some new music this week, which is always very exciting for me.

I hope you'll check that out too...but first, here's his post.


It’s that time of year where my brother pawns off his blog on his friends and family as a way to not have to do the work. It’s not unlike that person you’re friends with on Facebook who just announced that they got a major promotion as Creative Director at some hot shot publication and follow up with one of those “hive mind” posts asking if anyone knows of any cool locations for a photo shoot. Yea, I have a ton of cool ideas but remind me how much they're paying YOU again?

Lazy. Shame on you, John. Gimme a break. It’s just a cheap way of getting people to your website (www.mattsucich.com, is mine by the way.)

It’s not unlike that person who replies to the group dinner text chain with “where’s the restaurant again?” Weird, I know your iPhone still works because you sent this ridiculous text. You have the name of the restaurant, stop asking people to do your job for you. Here’s how I respond to that text...no response.

When my brother asked me to write his blog for him this year I should have not responded at all. Sheesh. Gimme a break. “But he’s generously giving you his platform to promote your music.” Gimme a break! He’s generously trying to gain more Twitter & Instagram followers [note from John: also Facebook Page Likes] (@esmatteo, is me in case you were wondering.) I can’t believe my own brother has the nerve to outsource his blog this way. Can you believe he even gets his kids involved? There has to be some sort of child labor law violation in there I’m almost sure of it. It’s not unlike the movie "Sleepless in Seattle.” Actually there’s no child labor violation in that movie that I’m aware of, I just love it. Speaking of Tom Hanks, do you think when he was a young Tom Hanks he ever thought he’d bring people as much joy as he has? I have to imagine it’s the kind of thing that was going through his mind when he was chomping on those little corns in his starring role in the hit movie “BIG.” I like to think he’s just chomping away and thinking “Gee whiz I like making people happy.” The director, Penny Marshall, yells “CUT” and he says, “How was that. Are you happy with that, Penny?” and she says “yea, Tom. Real happy.” Anyway, I got a little lost here. I don’t know what else to say this all just happened so fast. I guess thanks? Thanks, John, for doing whatever it is you do all day while I wrote your precious Sunday Paper? Gimme a break.

What else? 

- I got a haircut this weekend. A little “back-to-school” treat to myself for never having to go back to school again. 

- I lost my credit card this week and found it 5 days later. It was at the gas station where I last filled up the rental car I recently took on a cross country road-trip with my buddy Mike and my dog Mabel (hmmm, maybe I should’ve written about that instead of this nonsense I submitted above.) Anyway, I wanted to tip the gas station attendant who’d held onto it for 5 days but all I had was that credit card and the tank was already full. 

- I’ve been taking my dog to a new vet lately because the original vet was crazy expensive and inconveniently located, yet incredibly thorough. The new vet is much closer and cheaper, but I’m pretty sure he’s just winging it half the time. 

- I was wondering recently if there are La Croix sparkling water drinking contests. If so I think I can finish a case at a competitive pace. 

- If my music interests any of you I'm about to begin releasing a ton of new singles throughout the fall. The first two tracks, “Saturn / Over My Head,” will be available on Thursday, September 6th, and they’ll be part of a full-length record called “Thousand Dollar Dinners.” If you care to stay up to date you can follow me on the internet where I’d say the Dog Content : Music Content ratio is about 80 : 20, tho with the new music nigh we can even that out to a rough 65 : 35 - www.mattsucich.com has the links to Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or a way to sign up for my mailing list. 

I guess that’s all. I’m going to eat some popcorn and finish a case of LaCroix. Thanks for reading, Sunday Paper-heads and remember, don’t let anyone sucker you into doing their job. SHARE MY MUSIC! 

k bye.

Matt Sucich