To Judge Or Not To Judge...


(Sunday Paper, Volume III, Issue 34)

I hope you've had a good summer.

Mine's been great...and I can't wait to tell you about it.

But first we're finishing out the summer months with a couple more guest posts.

This week we'll hear from my sister, who's always good for an inspirational word or two...

And, as we hear this week, apparently so is one of her sons, whether he knows it or not. 


So…before going to parent-teacher night, I ask my son these questions: “What’s your favorite thing about school?” “What do you like least about school?” and “If you could change something about school, what would you change?” This gives me a good idea, going in, of what to focus on so that my interaction with his teacher can be the most beneficial for all involved. Recently, my boys were a bit anxious about their physicals with their pediatrician and I tweaked the above technique a bit and asked them, “Does anything usually bother you?” I told them they can use this time to ask the doctor questions. Right away my five-year-old spoke up, very seriously, “Only, my socks bother me.” Me: “What?” Him: “My socks…can’t get them on right. They always go on backwards.” This comment came at a very opportune time. First off, I wanted to immediately stop the car, get out and hug him. More importantly it gave me a much needed perspective shift.

Last you heard from me I teased my brothers a bit (a rare occurrence, usually it’s the other way around) and praised my parents (no brainer) and spoke a bit about what it is I do. I joked about how many don’t understand it. To be a bit honest, and vulnerable, I often feel very judged and evaded because of it. I’m going to use the word ‘feel’ because I want to keep this to my judgements of myself and not accuse others (because that would be judgement, no?). I grew up being extremely sarcastic and as my profession evolved, trying to increase my awareness of how I treated others, I recognized that much of my sarcasm was really my funny way of judging another. I am certainly not free of this trait but I have been able to become much more aware of it and save much of my sarcasm (*ahem* judgement) for my closest confidants (*ahem ahem* work in progress).

This year has been full of joys and chaos. We have had several major life changes included amongst them a new baby. As I juggle the roles of being a wife, mother of three and having a business (combined with an internal hormonal rollercoaster) it has certainly presented with some challenges. Purple Table is comprised of myself (originally) being a speech language pathologist, myofascial release therapist, EFT practitioner and Wellness Advocate. Three out of the four are based on theories that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves using some amazing techniques. Three out of the four used to be considered fairly controversial. As time moves forward though there is more and more science supporting these theories.

As I went through this trying time I realized that I was forgetting to use these tools. I was taking things personally and had to remember some simple, yet wise words, spoken by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “what other people think of me is none of my business…” I had stopped sharing these gifts and was losing faith in a lot of the good that was surrounding me all because of a select few ‘judgements’ that had tested my limits. So I became my most important client. I used my MFR, ‘tapped’ a whole lot and dusted off some oils that I had never opened. (Guess what oils target criticism, judgement and exhaustion? Cardamom & basil. Maybe I didn’t smell that great but I was feeling better!).

We are very often hardest on ourselves yet we are all just where we should be. Even the things we don’t understand or feel passionate about changing, they too are where they should be. Every action we do and thought we have affects the world around us - we are connected. We all have gifts to offer, whether they are big or small. It’s important to be able to stand up and look yourself in the mirror and be able to say, “am I doing my best?” More importantly, to remember that everyone’s best looks different and model that to our youth (and peers). It was so easy for myself, someone who practices this often, to fall through the cracks. I spend a lot of my time working with families and focusing on the parents’ well being as well as their children. Teaching that it’s ‘ok to not be ok’ and empowering them with the ability to change that, themselves. How funny for my own little guy to remind me that it doesn’t need to be so complicated.


Writing these reminds me how much I used to enjoy writing.  If ever one day I find some time for myself I may try writing a bit more.


Check out the John Sucich Calendar…he’s still funny. I am not as funny and, I’m sure there is one, but I have yet to use an oil for that.

What I Recommend

Changing into an ‘it’s ok to not be ok’ mindset can sometimes be misconstrued into thinking that you should just smile through something and that cannot be farther from the truth.  The techniques/tools mentioned above can actually change the body’s chemistry, if you click on some of the links you can research them a bit if you’re interested.  An easy way, and favorite of mine, to get out of a funk is having an ‘inspirational playlist’.  It can be comprised of anything that makes you smile, happy and/or inspires you.  You can check out one of mine through my website and here’s a quick listen of a new one I’ve added.


I still have no shows to plug, but I am currently running the Teachers Challenge.  It’s usually open to the first 5 qualifying teachers BUT if you are interested, and if you read this far, I am happy to get the materials to you wherever/whomever you are.  All you need to do is send me a message on Purple Table's Facebook, or text me (my number is on my Facebook page) and mention John’s Sunday Paper. As always awareness is the goal so questions will always be happily welcomed.  Thanks so much for reading and if you enjoyed it then please like me on Facebook (, Purple Table ( or check out my website ( if you are interested in learning more and would like help in finding any of these techniques near you with a qualified practitioner.