New Thing #304: A Jack-O-Lantern Design

Drawn_PumpkinFor a long time I've thought about doing something on a pumpkin besides the traditional scary or silly-looking jack-o-lantern. But I've always thought it was going to be just too hard.

This year, though, is all about jumping in and trying something that I always thought might be too hard.

So, I carved a pumpkin with a design on it.

Now, rest assured - I am not turning into a Red Sox fan.

I guess I just find the Red Sox and their logo and their ballpark aesthetically pleasing.

And I love my daughters. And they're very excited about Halloween. And carving pumpkins. And they like the idea of the Red Sox in the World Series.

So all of that adds up to a Red Sox pumpkin.

Let me take you through the steps picture by picture.

B_Stencil I've told you about my trouble settling on big decisions. Figuring out what to carve was one such decision. I toyed with the idea of something Mets-related, but the 'NY' looked too difficult. (Plus, what would I tell the neighbors. It would invite too many questions, not the least of which would be, "With the Red Sox in the World Series you carved a Mets pumpkin why...?") My original idea was the Boston 'B'. I found this stencil on-line at and dove right in.

I was not at all pleased with my drawing. (You can see that picture at the top of the post.) I didn't like the proportions. But, as I joked on social media, I was either going to do a great jack-o-lantern or destroy a pumpkin. I figured it was reckoning time. And it looked like we were heading towards the 'destroy' option.


(I should say here that my daughters and my wife cleaned out the pumpkins of the pulp and seeds. I have tactile issues and hate touching the inside of a pumpkin. My wife rather enjoys it.) I was going to have my wife do the carving, but she didn't think she could do the curves, so it was on me. I think I did a pretty good job, except, as you can see, that bottom piece didn't really have the proper support.


So I threw in a toothpick to prop it up. Success. Here's what it looks like all lit up: