The Kids Take Over Part I, Year 2


(Sunday Paper, Volume III, Issue 22)

A year ago I handed the Sunday Paper over to the kids for the month of June. (This was the first of them.)

It was a wildly popular experiment.

So this year, a la Bil Keane and 'The Family Circus' - and for the month in which Father's Day falls - I'm once again handing the reins of the Sunday Paper over to my daughters.

This year, they chose selfies with me instead of original artwork. 

And this week it's my middle daughter who gets things started.


Hello! Welcome to another exciting edition of The Sunday Paper. I’m your host, Abigail Sucich. Your regular host, John Sucich (aka my dad), has the day off today. So, here I am. Okay, let’s get to the regular Sunday Paper stuff. So, in math, my class is doing this REALLY fun project. We are making a geometry town. It’s a geometry town because everything in your town is made of shapes and the names of the buildings have to have a name that has to do with math. For example, I did Polygon Police Station. It’s like a regular place, but it has a mathematical name. Isn’t that cool? It’s really fun! Even though it’s only a map, mine still looks really professional. So, yeah, that’s really cool and awesome to me. If you think that’s boring, then you need to try it. If you think that sounds fun, then you NEED to try it!

Also, another thing that is really cool and awesome is that it’s almost SUMMER!!!! I am so excited because we are going on a couple of trips. One place that we are going is North Carolina. My father went there this year for a comedy festival. He said that it was really cool there, so that makes me really excited because I know that I will have an awesome time. We are also going to Chicago. My mom has some work there so we are all going. I am really excited about that because we are going to see a Cubs game and we are going to head down to Milwaukee while we are in Chicago and we are going to see a Brewers game. My family and I love baseball, so that is really exciting. Also, we are going to Baltimore and we will see a Orioles game when we are coming back from Chicago or North Carolina. I forget, but that’s not really important. So, that will be very exciting!


In this section, I will write about what I am doing in writing at school, and what my dad is doing for writing. Okay. So, in writing at school for me, we are doing a fairy tale unit where we adapt a fairy tale. Then we adapt another one. And then, we write our own fairy tale by using what we’ve learned. It’s really fun! Right now, we’re on the make-your-own-fairy tale stage. I have 6 pages and I just started my third scene! I think that my fairy tale will be very long. So, what my father is doing in writing…honestly, I don’t know what he’s doing, really. All I know is that he’s writing the weekly newsletter for a school. That’s pretty much all I know about what he’s doing.


For comedy, Dad’s been going out a lot. I think that he’s having a lot of fun telling jokes to people even though I don’t think that he’s getting paid all the time. But even if he doesn’t get paid all the time, he still goes. In my comedy life, nothing really happens because my older sister always tells me that I have horrible jokes. So, I don’t tell jokes all that often.

What I Recommend

Dad says that I can do What I Recommend this year because I did What I’ve Been Enjoying last year. So, this is what I recommend, partly because I think you should do this, and partly because I have nothing else to recommend. So, here goes. I recommend that you should read The Sunday Paper more often if you don’t really read it that much. Because, really, The Sunday Paper is a masterpiece.


*I LOVE blue raspberry Italian ice.

*I LOVE orange sherbert ice cream.

*Turquoise is one of my favorite colors.

*I play softball.

*I play basketball in the winter.

*I do dance.

*Writing is my favorite subject, so I enjoyed writing this.