The Kids Take Over Part II, Year 2


(Sunday Paper, Volume III, Issue 23)

A year ago I handed the Sunday Paper over to my kids for the month of June.

Last year, and last week, the first of this year's kid's editions, it was wildly successful.

Last year my oldest daughter wrote this in her Sunday Paper takeover.

Here's what she has to say in this week's takeover:


Last year, my Sunday paper was very cheesy. So this year I will make it less cheesy.


It’s almost summer, and I have less than a month left in elementary school. I am excited but at the same time not excited for middle school. It’s hard to explain. But I am pretty excited for the summer. We are going to North Carolina, and to Chicago. We will also be going to New York a bunch of times probably.

We are wrapping up our softball season. I was on the Blue team this year (we did not really have a team name), and mostly pitched. I think I did a really good job pitching this year, and I made some good plays. My team did not win a lot, but that is ok. We still had a good season.

On Friday, I had my band concert. As a whole band, we played Jurassic Park, Linus and Lucy, and Beethoven’s Ninth. Then each instrument had their own piece to play. Since I was on flute, me and my section played Sweetly Sings the Donkey.


I have been doing a lot of writing recently. My friend and I are in the process of writing a book called The Magic Muffin. It is about a girl named Charlotte who eats one of her sister’s magic muffins. Then she falls asleep in class and is transported to Magic Muffin World. There she meets the annoying Magic Muffin Fairy, and has to complete a bunch of quests to get back home. Look for it in a bookstore near you in the next few years.


Dad has been doing a bunch of comedy, as usual. I don't really have much to say about this topic, so just skip ahead to the next section.

What I Recommend

I am obsessed with Harry Potter, so I recommend that you read Harry Potter if you haven't. A bunch of you probably have already read Harry Potter though. Have any of you read Percy Jackson? You should read that too. Even though they are more of children’s books, you might like Percy Jackson. You can also recommend it to kids that you know. Percy Jackson is very good for making fanfictions. I have another book recommendation: I was obsessed with the Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen a couple of months ago. For March Book Madness, one of the books to read was The False Prince and I was hooked. So I went to the library and checked out the next two books in the trilogy. I read one of them in a day, I was so absorbed.


*I am obsessed with baseball, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the Revolutionary War.

*I am 11 years old.

*I am in 5th grade (but not for long).

* I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate, and I don't like white chocolate at all.

* My favorite ice cream flavor is black raspberry.

*Chocolate munchkins make me feel kind of nauseous. The only munchkins I like are those powdered ones. And also the ones with sprinkles.

*I don't really like chocolate cake anymore, but I love chocolate mousse cake.

*Like I said last year, pigs are awesome. You should see my Google profile picture. If you are wondering, it is a cute baby pig.