The Kids Take Over Part III, Year 2


(Sunday Paper, Volume III, Issue 24)

Last year for the month of June I handed the Sunday Paper duties over to my daughters.

That was a success, and for the past two weeks it's been a hit as well.

This week it's my youngest daughter's turn to write the Sunday Paper.

She's a year older and you can definitely tell when you compare what she wrote last year to what she has to say this year.


At school we went to the Southwick zoo. It took a long time to get there. When we finally got there we went to our chaperones. The first animal we saw was the white rhino. Then we saw the lion and white tiger and orange tiger. We saw the monkeys. They use slides. We had lunch and then we went to the petting zoo. Then we saw the new giraffe on the way to the deer. At the deer I fed the deer. I tossed some on the ground. It was fun feeding the deer we had just enough time to get back from the deer  and go to the bathroom. We got onto the bus and came back to school. The field trip was fun!


In writing I’m doing realistic fiction books. My main character is Mia and a little of Maddie . One story is where Mia has a new dog. She goes to her friend Maddie and Chloe’s house they chat so much that they don’t see Mia’s dog escape. Mia sees her dog isn’t there and cries. She hears barking and follows it to the garage. Maddie and Chloe promised that they would help find the dog. The dog’s name is Allie. Maddie and Chloe say come on! Let’s find Allie! I did. Said Mia. Oh! They said. On Wednesday we shared our series with our parents.


I think Dad is a little funny. I’m not that funny in my opinion. If you think I’m funny that’s okay with me. Dad has shows in Framingham that he would like you to go to at the end of July.

What I Recommend

I think more people should go to dad’s comedy.


*I’m excited for Father’s Day!!!!!

*I like my birthday and cake.

*I like presents.

* I like every color in the world.

*I like playing games with all of my friends.(even if I’m playing with them and their friend.)